True Love (excerpt)

Young True Love: Article Excerpt by Ms. Ayana Burnett, October 5, 2010

How free children are to love. No fear. No expectations. No rules. No “what ifs”. No guidelines even. No, it needs to be so many dates before I can love you. No, I have to know you this long. No, you can’t have had this many arguments or disagreements before I can love you. No “no”. When a child feels love, they express it. No guilt. No shame. No fear….

Often as adults when natural love butterfly and flowerwe love, things can turn serious. Complicated. Heavy. Even burdensome as each beloved lives under the expectations of the other, while simultaneously being held under the strain of keeping tally of whether the other’s actions or inactions live up to their own expectations. Keeping tract of rights and wrongs can be time consuming. Children know that there are better ways to expend their time. …

When children love it is 100% unconditional guaranteed. They love freely as they have little concern with how they will be thought of as a result of who they love. They have no time requirements for how long they have to have known the object of their love. No time restraints for the number of times they have engaged with their Beloved. No limitations whatsoever. They simply love 100% and then express. When the recipient of such love, how can one not help but be impacted positively and want to give love in return?

What if we as adults choose to do the same? To allow ourselves free expression of love without fear of what’s next?

How about we give it a try?

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