Embrace Ease...with Your SANITY PLAN

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Gorgeous Lady,

It's time to rely on your own self-sustaining system no matter how hectic or overwhelming your daily grind becomes. You need a huge plate of relief, served with a healthy side of calm... in other words, you need ...THE SANITY PLAN!

Your Time is now...

Greetings Queen,

I’m so excited and delighted that you’re called to learn more about creating a self-sustaining system that you can return to no matter what; as to welcome in peace on the regular. 

You are indeed a reliable and nurturing woman!  A Queen in your right! Except you operate largely as a team of one.  You are amazing at handling the load, yet the truth is that your shoulders are rounding inward because of it.  

To further complicate matters, you’ve now had to factor in the uncertainty of adjusting to a worldwide pandemic on top of your full schedule. 

Well, it’s time to end the cycles – the cycle of being “too busy” to say yes to fun; the cycle of pushing through it all while being emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted.

I sure wish a girls trip to the Bahamas or clearing off a few mental health days in your google calendar was truly going to be your permanent fix, but it’s not. 

You need a surefire plan! And I created one just for you! You deserve have a system you can depend upon regardless of what chaos life may throw your way. So without further delay, here’s the lowdown. 


You won't admit it out loud, but being the dependable and reliable bombshell you've always been has major negatives.

And deep down, you know you’ve had enough…

"i've been feeling so good!"

“I just stepped into a freedom I’m excited about. Not being with my attachments just makes me so happy.”

-Anna, April 2022


I know what it’s like to face feelings of being alone (even when surrounded by family and friends) and feeling like there’s a constant energy leak.  In just six weeks,  that feeling will be a distant memory. You’ll  have created fulfilling connections within a community of strong dependable women like you.  

You know the answer isn’t another self help book or Peloton class, and that’s good. But if that’s not the answer, then what is? You’ll be supported with the full strategy on the best next step for you. And your starting place is where you are – a solid foundation that you actually get to feel good about!

This is not that 3-day bougie retreat that left you feeling good until you walked through the door (to a pile of work and Legos awaiting you). I’ve intentionally designed this space so you can return to this space over and over again. Just like that, you have gone from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed to feeling good about how you are managing it all and living your best life! 

  • You’ll have access to the replays of all the sessions in the portal.  Meaning you’ll be able to repeat these result when you need them. 
  • You’re going to know what you desire in this new season of life.  

  • You’re going to know there’s a gap to travel to get to where you wanna be, but you’ll have what you’ll need to keep your sanity along the way.


The Sanity Plan

I’m bringing a select group together of fierce, driven, free spirited, professional women like you. As a member of the Sanity Plan Sacred Circle, I’ll show you how to reset your hectic daily routine to shift from the pace of overdrive to a space of ease. I’ll hand you my playbook, including a personalized blueprint that you’ll use time and time again to stay focused on what matters most to you. 

I'm bringing a select group together of fierce, driven, free spirited, professional women like you.

As a member of the Sanity Plan Sacred Circle, I’ll show you how to reset your hectic daily routine to shift from the pace of overdrive to a space of ease. I’ll hand you my playbook, including a personalized blueprint that you’ll use time and time again to stay focused on what matters most to you. 

Regardless of what craziness or unexpected circumstances, life throws upon your path, what I can promise you is clarity.  You’re going to free up mental bandwidth and space to both catch your breath while reconnecting with your personal inspiration.

In other words, you’re going to officially step off of autopilot. 

My clients often find themselves taking action to revive an old dream or beloved project that they had once abandoned. It’s pretty typical that you’ll be waking up feeling more refreshed given you have a strong focus upon where you’re headed next. No more just saying you will do you first. By the end of our course, you will be living this reality firsthand. 

Instead of having your head full of chatter about all you haven’t done, all you need to do, or worried about how you are going to fit it all in. 

You’ll lighten your mental load by participating in a collective purge. Together we’ll gather  during a working session to identify and release that which is junking up our hearts, minds and souls.

No more doing it alone. Other trustworthy and reliable sisters will be there supporting you. Feel the weight lifted off your shoulders once you have completed the release ritual and publicly called in the new – new goals. New priorities. New wins. 

"i've learned when to show up
with my feminine touch."

“I’ve learned to find balance in my life and take time out 
for the things that make me happy.”

-Mel, january 2022

With my guidance you'll reconnect with all you are doing right
and recall what is not only important to you,
but what personally lights you up and might even turn you on.

And we won’t stop there, with access to renewed energy, you’ll dream in HD again. And it’s from this space of fullness that shall create your roadmap to actually turn those dreams into reality. And I won’t just leave you there with all of these new “ah has” sitting in your lap. I will ensure that you can stay on the path by equipping you with the secrets as to why most abandon their dreams so that you will be prepared for these pitfalls. Thus, they will never catch you off guard or knock you off your “A” game again.


Here's How It's All Going Down ...

You’re a busy woman. So, your first step is a small yet powerful one. By blocking off 90 minutes to attend our 6 weekly ZOOM sessions and protecting it fiercely (meaning you now schedule things around it), you already begin creating the new practice of prioritizing you.  Just like that.  

During our virtual sessions, you are held in a safe and sacred space where you can turn your mind, heart and soul inside out and take a courageous look at what is there. Meaning you get time each week to reconnect with you! 

 You have the dates in advance to help make planning easy.  There is one session that extends 2 hours, but that’s a working sister cipher. We will gather as a collective and get shit done together that immediately benefits us and us alone. So by week 2 you’re already noticing a shift in your life and how you show up in your day to day.


Course Contents:

01 & 02

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Module 1&2

Breaking Free & Getting Clear with The Purge (no mam, not the movie)

Our first two weeks are focused on completing a most needed, overdue deep purge. With my support, you openly and honestly take inventory of the things that are cluttering up, weighing down and adding pressure to your day-to-day (in both a physical and psychological sense). And as we go through this process together, you realize that it’s not actually your busy schedule or all of the to do’s that’s the issue.  It’s not even the constant yet unexpected demands. Rather, you begin to discover that you can manage it all yet with greater ease. That’s the result of the purge.  It provides you the opportunity to finally let go and release the “stuff” that was once heavy upon your mind and heart. 



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Module 3

Inventory Time Queen

By the time week 3 arrives, you already feel lighter.  Your thoughts have slowed down because you freed up mental bandwidth.  This finds you in the perfect space and available for our next endeavor – a treasure hunt of sorts.  Given you and the other women are pros at identifying what the problems are, you now learn how to refocus upon what is going right in your world.  


Previously, all the stress blocked your capability to recognize all that you’re getting right.  During week 3, we break the cycle of you being locked down beneath the energy of needing to do more or give more.  Within the safety of our sacred cocoon, you actively create a full inventory of what you have accomplished. And the feeling of loneliness is lessened as you do so in the company of other courageous women just like you.  


Thinking it might be hard to focus on the positive?  No worries. I will be right there to guide you. I walk you through that process to assure you that you dig deep enough to find those positive aspects of your struggles. 


Feeling like this is a lot of steps to remember later? I got you there to. You have an online classroom (portal) where you can find worksheets and videos outlining the process for you.  Easy. This also means you can absorb and digest the new material at your leisure! And if you have questions, the portal includes a feature where you can just pop your thoughts in there to receive some direct support. So nope, you don’t have to hold it until the gathering.  


I’ve had clients who work with me and later down the line, they forget about the tools and strategies that served them early on.  This will not be you. Using the blueprint and worksheets housed in the portal, you’ll create a go – to system that will be at your fingertips when needed forever more.  



Module 4

Dream Big!

Week four is all about imaginative play.  With my expertise to guide you, you are going to dream again.  This time with a bit of a twist.  I’m going to encourage you to dream big yet to use your current circumstances at your new start.  No more carrying around guilt from the old dreams you had that you never achieved.  Nope, you get a fresh start.  And this start integrates all you have achieved to date.  What a relief to know that you’ve been standing on a firm foundation all along. And the best is yet to come!  You get permission to ignore what you didn’t do or what you won’t. We’re just gonna meet you exactly where you’re at while giving you the space to imagine what you want next. When was the last time you had a chance to do that? Well, literally in four weeks, you’ll be there. Fully claiming what you desire, and  even constructing the road map to get there.  



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Module 5

Embracing the Mysterious Gap

Then in week 5, you’re going to stand grounded by identifying the gap. The reality is, you know there is one and you’re  living in it. I know acknowledging how far you are from where you want to be can feel discouraging. Which is why, together, we’ll create your in depth action plan that turns that gap into a puddle jump. Yasss Sis!  



Module 6

Mastering the Mystical In-Between

In our final week together, you will learn the phases and cycle of your journey and what pitfalls to expect before they arise. I will then share with you the tools that will have you avoiding those pitfalls so you can continue onto your dreams and goals in a way that feels natural. No more being held back when pursuing your best life!  


It's Your Turn to Receive!

Meet Ms. AYANA,
Goddess of Personal Evolution

Yes, I refer to myself as a Goddess, and I see you as a Goddess as well…maybe one that’s been taken off of her throne, but a Goddess nonetheless. And here is the thing…after all the training, receiving the highest level of licensor as a social worker, and practicing psychotherapy with so many over the last 18 years here’s what I want you to know: This work is not intended to be a solo journey. There is some work we Queens must do together! Birthing our own inner Goddess is one of them! She is the one who knows exactly what you need and she is willing to direct you at a pace that works for who you are now. This is my genius zone - assisting you by midwifing this higher aspect into being!


Years in Business

I have been in the healing room with clients for all these years. Sitting across from children as young as 3 years old to adults crossing into elderhood.


Students Served

This was not indirect service, but thousands of hours listening and supporting individuals in coping with the tradegies and traumas of life.


Coffees per day

I thrive on living a spirit-led life. This means I seek balance, rest, fun, pleasure, connection and service in moderation (no coffee needed mam). It's a commitment that finds me evolving right alongside my clients!

The Sanity Plan

How do you get a spot?

 So you maybe saying right now, Okay Ms. Ayana, that’s all great, yet it has got to be expensive. 

No doubt that I am handing you much value. 

  • We are going to get you clear,
  • get you into action and
  • get you back in touch with YOU!!! 

That is a lot and given how your entire village depends on you, this has to be costly.  I know you feel that everyone else’s success is weighing on your shoulders.  You may have even made yourself small to allow your loved ones to be bigger. 

In light of this real truth, ask yourself what is the true cost for you to simply continue to push through.  I had a dear friend recently, fierce Momma, openly confide that despite being sure all the children made their medical appointments each year like clockwork, she had not made one for herself in over 6 years.  And when she did finally go, it wasn’t good news. 

She was aware of the discomfort in her body but didn’t give it attention.  I don’t want any of us to have to get to the point that it is a pending dis-ease that awakens us to the importance of putting our well-being back to the top of the list.   

 Therefore, I do want to this to be accessible to those who are ready to do the work.  And given we are more likely to commit when we put our paper out there, I can’t lowball ya’ll either.   

Which is why the magic number for giving you transformation you really need at a price that won’t force you into a second mortgage is…

A $3750 value all for $1497

Apply Now


1 payment

Pay in Full. One installment and you're done. Sit back and rest as your help is here!
It's not a big number to God.

-Gina Devee

It will be an investment in yourself that will provide a worthwhile payoff... Of that, I am assured!


2 payments

Let your mind rest by making two simple installments. We'll set you on autopay, so that you can focus on what matters most....you finally getting the tools you need!

You Got Questions? I Got Answers!

I do understand that most individuals believe that working individually will be more private and thus comfortable.  However, my groups aren’t like others.  This is what one of my ladies had to say:

One of my absolute favorite experiences in working with Ms. Ayana (and there are many) is having the opportunity to participate in her healing circle sessions that are unlike any other therapeutic endeavors I’ve had.  Being able to work alongside other women under her guidance and share in each other’s healing processes and offer and receive support was a such a unique experience that allowed for deep self-exploration in a safe environment and was tailored to meet all participants’ needs.  The bottom line is that Ms. Ayana rocks and she has really helped me do my work!” -Dawn

I do understand the importance of honoring your union. Yet what better way to do that than deciding to take action to get you back to the satisfied version of yourself. Your partner will thank you once they realize how your investment has given you access to a happier and maybe even nicer more relaxed, sensual you. I haven’t told you yet, but I tend to midwife goddesses. So if you choose to continue to work with me, it’s typical your partner will actually support our times together besides who doesn’t want to bed a goddess.

I’ve been there and paper matters yet. What are your sleepless nights, edgy mood, and constant mental spin costing you now? Do you know that women are more productive when happy? It’s true, Google it. You may actually be delaying your progress and ability to carry the load more effectively and efficiently because you won’t invest your hard-earned money back into the one asset everyone is like relying upon – you.