The In-Between Dream…

royal weddingYou know how they say” be careful what you ask for because you just might get it”?  I can’t stand it when I hear folk say this. I literally cringe inside because it feels like pressure.  For with life moving as swiftly as it does, how one can possibly always truly know what they want?  Reality is, we ask for what we think we want to the best of our knowledge at that time.  But given how quickly we evolve, this too is likely to change.  That’s my first concern with this statement but my second concern is much more significant to me.


For we are often warned to be heartfelt of what we ask for but who warns of what truly happens when you get it?  You know how you dreamed of the perfect home, the banging car, the loving mate and the beautiful children or whatever you desire?  But that’s only the beginning because you forgot to daydream about the next step – sad and disappointedhow will you maintain your dream once achieved?  Funny right!  We get all caught up in visualizing what that ideal thing is but don’t imagine or research what is needed for the upkeep of it!  What is needed to maintain the luxury car?  What is required to pay the monthly mortgage on the dream home while keeping the bills paid on time? The reality is that there is often much more responsibility that comes with obtaining our desire and when we aren’t prepared for the long haul, the dream come true can quickly turn into a nightmare or a huge stressor.


It’s like the story-line of Prince Charming from the musical, Into the Woods. How Cinderella dreamed of living in the Palace and being rescued from her hellish experience of living with the wicked stepmother and sisters. cinderella and princeHer wish to meet the Prince is granted and she spends multiple evenings running from her dream due to doubt and disbelief. Yet, once she accepts that she can have the dream, she does indeed marry the Prince, move into the Palace and live happily ever after.  That is until her husband, the Prince, seduces the Baker’s wife in the woods.  When Cinderella confronts him about his betrayal, he states “I was raised to be charming, not sincere.” I love this line for that’s a wake-up call if there ever was one.  Cinderella however reaches an epiphany when she proclaims, “My father’s house was a nightmare. Your house a dream. Now I want something in-between”. Now, that’s wisdom for you!


So perhaps the next time someone says be careful what you wish for or even tells you to dream big, we all can integrate Cinderella’s wisdom.  laughtercollage2Take the pressure off yourself by wishing for “something in-between”.  In other words, focus on obtaining not only experiences of substance but also the means to sustain them as to live mostly happily ever after.


Be Light, “I AM” Ms. Ayana

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