The fork in the road (excerpt)

The fork in the road…
True story: A friend and I dirt crossroadswere making our way to our weekend destination. We had decided to venture out and were treating ourself to a stay at a horse ranch. I was to later learn it was my friend’s birthday, so it was a double treat. Oh, did I mention we were in Botswana which made the venture even more special. So we had ridden the crowded combi to our stop. We were the only ones I recall getting off and we were surrounded by nothing but trees. We searched for the sign and found that it pointed off the road and into the trees…hmmm. So we braved our way forward walking off the marked path and entered into the untamed trees, surrounded by nothing but a few signs, the dirt red road and wild African Bush. We were doing well, enjoying each other’s company and the purity of nature when we found ourselves at a crossroads. The dirt road suddenly split and the signs had stopped. Which way do we go? We entered a small panic as we tried to discern which way to the resort? We’ll call. Good idea. Thank God for cellphone service even in the middle of the bush! Well, my friend makes the call and then she laughs. What is it I ask? He said, referring to the friendly lodge owner, that it doesn’t matter which way we go for they both lead to the same place. What a relief!  Thus assured our pre-defined destination was ahead, we went right, simply to go right.   – Ms. Ayana Burnett

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