The Child’s Dream vs. Adult Reality

woman copingNo one, which I know of, says “I want to be a single parent when I grow up.” Yet, how many of us grow up and find that we have become just that.

No one, which I know of, says “I want to go to court for a custody battle over my child or to divorce my spouse when I grow up.” Yet how many of us grow up and find these or similar conflictual circumstances are the very experiences we are within.

As children, we are so optimistic that we don’t even concern ourselves with the twists and turns inherent in adult life.  Yet there ultimately comes a time when life hands us just that.  So what do you do when your childhood dream appears to die? Or when the route there is paved with multiple experiences which can not only be heart-breaking but heart-wrenching?

Once we find ourselves in one of these situations, it is up to us to get ourselves up, out and through.  Of course, we have the support of life and our Supreme Creator yet we still have to walk our walk.  We have to live the experience.  We have to make the choices because we made the choices which led to the less than desirable situation to begin with…regardless of the nature of the undesirable circumstance, we too played an influential role in its creation, whether we saw it or not.  In some cases, we are taken along because we agreed to ride and therefore are impacted by the choices of another. Yet again however, whether you knew better or not, no longer mattersAthlete Running Through Finish Line. You were essentially in the car.

We often say, you need to use baby steps to address change, but there is also a point when we all grow up and consequentially our stride is naturally longer and our steps naturally larger.  In this case, baby steps won’t do.  What is needed is an intentional powerful stride that moves forward at a steady pace. This is when we need to use our willpower to commit to actions and choices which will improve our circumstances one step at a time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pacer though?  Someone whose job it is to set the speed of our stride?  But even in the Olympic races, these persons eventually fall out as they are only used for a certain distance.  This means it is up to the individual to finish the race on their own.  What race does life have you running?  What pace will you set?  Will you endure through the pain with the finish line in mind or do you dwell in the childhood dream deferred?  The choice is yours and life will respond in whichever direction you command it.

Be Light,

“I AM” Ms. Ayana

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