In the beginning I was very skeptical of seeing a counselor or a therapist for my marriage…

“I believed that it was going to be two women attacking me. With Ms. Ayana that was not that case at all. Ms. Ayana is truly amazing! She saved my marriage and helped me become a better person! My wife and I have been coming to marriage counseling with Ms. Ayana for several months. Ms. Ayana has helped us through several obstacles and has guided us through series of hardship with our marriage.

Ms. Ayana has taught my wife and I many things such as how to listen and have a better understanding with each other. Ms. Ayana has shown us how to get in touch with our spiritual side, become more patient with each other and work on our problems as a team. Ms. Ayana is a gifted and very well talented counselor/therapist who takes much pride in what she does. She’s extremely motivated in helping others and guiding them on the right track. I’ve learned so much with her and recommend Ms. Ayana to anyone who is in need of counseling or therapy.”


We have seen progress with Ms. Ayana…

“We know its a process but she (my daughter) always appears calm after meeting with Ms. Ayana.”

– A parent’s statement after their child’s 3rd session

Ms. Ayana, did you know that you’re such an inspiration?…

“Always have been.
You inspire me to stay true to all sides of myself.
You inspire me to keep reaching for the divine.
You inspire me to listen to my heart.
You inspire me to laugh.
You inspire me to find grounding but grow upwards.
You inspire me to use my voice.
You inspire me to ask the difficult questions.
You inspire me to keep life simple in face of chaos.
You inspire me to look up, out, and in.
You inspire me to keep safe space for others.
You inspire me to ask for what I want without reservation….because we all deserve love and happiness.
You inspire me to hold my truth.”


My experience working with Ms. Ayana at Living Light LLC has been a genuine spiritual experience…

“Ms. Ayana exudes a positive attitude towards helping her clients as she has the gift of seeing their potential. Ayana has been my inspiration for going back to take my NCE examination as well as inspired me again to have my private practice. It’s a different experience – I’ve never done holistic therapy. My previous therapist was about hutches.

We don’t do hutches. Ms. Ayana, you are the best out of all the therapists I’ve seen because you look like me and your spirit – that is what exudes to me, is your spirit. Ayana has shown me through the Spirit of God, that I can believe in myself and everything I put my mind to I can Achieve!”


I always feel so much better when I leave a session…

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I leave here and I’m very open.”


Life is a beautiful experience even when things do not go according to plan…

“There were times in my life when I was so overwhelm and did not know where to turn. Especially when the plan I had set for myself was going in a different direction. As a child I saw relationships that were unhealthy and I was determined that I was not going to live the same way. I fought so hard to take a different path that I put myself in the same situations without realizing it. I quickly learned in life we are not given more than we can handle. Our ability to adapt is what determines the outcome.

My life changed greatly two years ago when I experienced the loss of my first sole mate. This was somewhat sudden even though I was given all the signs. The signs was not presented for me to act on it, but more of a preparation of what was to come. The loss continues to be a challenge for myself and my children. Even though his time here in the physical body was short it delivered a huge impact that will last a life time. His transition opened my eyes to a whole new world I was once afraid to embrace. I wake up every day with a greater appreciation for life. While he was here I always wanted more from him, but maybe he was giving his family all he was supposed to in the physical. And now his work is continuing in the spirit rim.

On September 23rd I stepped out on faith. I packed my car with clothing and my children and moved Maryland. I went on an interview September 24th and began working with October 1st. My blessings continued on November 1st when I signed the lease to my apartment. Shortly after moving to Maryland I know I needed to address some of my emotions. While searching the internet for a therapist I can across a few, but none of the energy drew me into them like Mrs. Ayana. She was also the only one to return my phone call.

When I began my sessions with Ayana, I would have my closeout moment or “Melissa Moments”. During this time I would close out the outside world. This was something I’ve done since childhood. It became my safe place when I needed to escape. During my sessions Ayana helped me take a different approach to dealing with my “Melissa Moments”. I learned like chess pieces, I control the position and roles people played in my life. By doing so I did not have to close them out completely. This helped me to dale with my second loss.

My second transition was my granny and her transition was a different experience from my first. Granny was an amazing woman who accomplished all of her goals and pushed me to do the same. She was full of life and it was felt by everyone around her. Knowing that I would not see her in the physical form was very hard for me. When I received the call to come to her bedside, I did not know what to expect. O my, even though there were tears it was a sendoff I would hope to receive. All of her immediate family was there to let her know that it was ok to go home and that her work here was done. The energy prior and during her service was indescribable. It was a thanksgiving service that surpasses human understanding. After experiencing these life changes I’ve learned to live in the moment. I live by the Serenity Pray.

‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference’.

Now that I am aware of the difference I can continue on my life journey with a sense of peace. I am no longer afraid of success, failure, or hurt. Since my new journey began, today I am proud to say that I’ve once again stepped out on faith and started my own company.”