Premium Packages

A customized premium package is the right option for you if:

  • you’ve been dealing with a situation for an extended period of time and want real results
  • you have tried talk therapy or other treatments and find yourself struggling with the same symptoms
  • you want control over the length and types of services you receive (ie. Online Services, Phone Consultations, Reiki, Home visits, 60 minute sessions)
  • you want to maintain your privacy

Not everything can change overnight, especially if you have felt for some time that there cannot be a resolution. However, let me assure you that there is always a solution and a customized package may be just that for you!

Receive an estimated savings of $100 over individual rates by purchasing multiple sessions at once. Best conducted over the course of 2 – 3 months for maximum results.  Payment plans available to make the cost affordable and easy to work into your budget!

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Sample Premium Package Structure

Sessions 1 &2: Setting Intention – Creating your vision

Part 1: Together, you and I, Ms. Ayana will identify your current concerns via a full written and verbal bio-psychosocial assessment. By acknowledging where your dissatisfaction and emotional distress lie, you will clearly identify the areas of your biggest challenges and formula the specific problems to which you will work to create practical solutions and relief.

What are your biggest challenges and what is it that you desire to experience moving forward?

Part 2: What is it that you desire to experience moving forward? Every day is an opportunity to improve all situations and take steps towards creating the experiences you desire.

  • Clarifying what goals want to be set
  • Verifying that what you desire to create is in alignment with the Good of All

 Session 3 & 4: Clearing and Unlearning

What are the obstacles that keep you from what you want? Moving stuff that no longer serves you out of the way. Purging what doesn’t work including beliefs, expectations and behaviors. Replacing that which was eliminated with ideals that are align with your intentions.

  • Identifying what holds you back, and deciding what needs to go
  • Establish energetic emotions that magnetize your highest outcome
  • Clearing out old patterns and beliefs

Session 5 & 6: Practice and Integration

Initiating Change “What calls to be ‘let go’ of?” Clearing out the old to make room for the new.

  • What habits and patterns are ready to go?
  • Are there money woes you no longer want to carry around?
  • Relationships evolve and change. Are you ready for a new day?
  • Are you engaged in activities or work that no longer fulfill you?

Using tools, techniques and setting new habits, the old and outdated is removed.

Session 7: Valor and Clarity

Realizing Shift “Managing the Flow” As your world begins to change, you’ll be managing new beginnings.

  • What’s new and different about your world that is showing up now?
  • Are you being challenged to determine if what you want is really what you want?
  • Are you delighted about all that is occurring? Surprised?
  • Creating readiness for more, through deep gratitude and forgiveness of what was

Sessions 8 &9: Assurance

“Managing the Flow” As your world changes, you’ll be rising up!

  • What’s new and different about your world that is showing up now?
  • Are you being challenged to determine if what you want is really what you want?
  • Are you willing to make some tough decisions to get where you want to be?
  • Keeping up with your on-going changes
  • Continued shifts towards your greater purposes
  • Continued support during shifts while past influences dissolve


Why walk the healing path, when we can do it together!  Schedule your Illumination Session and let me be your guide!