Sex As Prayer Program

“If Right Where We are, God is…Then God is Present in our Sexual Experiences too..”

Feeling SHUT-DOWN sexually or DISCONNECTED from your joy?

AFRAID to express what you want sexually due to SHAME?

Has your sex life has become BORING, routine, null?

There’s UPLIFTING NEWS: the Goddess Within isn’t dead, she is just sleeping. Together we will find the right TOOLS to control your mindset and beliefs.

Are you WILLING to do the work to awaken your true sexual desire and discover your authentic sexual voice?

You need my 10 months Sex As Prayer Program.

I have massive expertise in helping ladies awaken their sexual energy, while harnessing this freshly discovered power to passionately live their greatest visions, and create the lives they always wanted.

Imagine breaking the cycle of mediocre sex and experience MIND-BLOWING SEX and intimacy.

  • Learn how to go beyond your sexual limits imposed by society
  • Reach a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF LOVE, connection and intimacy in relationships
  • UNLEARN the stories of shame you carry and really see, hear, feel, taste yourself as the gorgeous person you are
  • CULTIVATE and RADIATE the sexual confidence to magnetize the right people to you
  • Enjoy increased orgasmic energy and SEXUAL VIBRANCY =
  • CULTIVATE your sexy self
  • Start to love your body: learn what loving acceptance is. You deserve to live fully alive and free in your body.
  • Reclaim a healthy relationship full of pleasure, by getting rid of guilt and shame

Invest in your wholeness today!  Your inner Goddess will Thank You! Guaranteed!



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Come and get a taste of  Sex As Prayer! I-Play is a mini workshop which features components of  the full program!  Be there!

Next Gathering: Mini I-Play Workshop on May 22nd, 2015 @ 8:15pm

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Here is a glimpse of what awaits you after graduation:


Imagine.  You and your beloved.  Standing naked before each other.  Within a candlelit room. Music in the background of your mutual choosing.

Taking turns, you cleanse your Beloved’s body.  Speaking affirmations with each touch.  “I cherish the Divine with you.” Cleansed, your lover expresses their appreciation, cleansing you now.  “I cherish the Divine in you”, is whispered softly in your ear again and again.

Next, naked, you take turns again.  1000 strokes each.  Your naked body feels and explores your Beloved’s energy.  This is sensual massage.  Next, it is your turn as your Beloved, naked, strokes your body 1000 times.

The energy builds as you both prepare for merger.  Praying as you touch, “Our pleasure pleases God”.  Synchronizing breath. 1…2…3..breathe. Pausing when needed to reconnect with the rhythm.  1…2…3… breathe.

Now the entry.  Slowly, your bodies melt into one another.  Each feeling every inch of the penetration as it deepens.  Rest.  Raising the light that is created from your centers to the crown of your heads.  Motion.  Strokes commence. Building with intensity.  36 times. Then you stop and breathe.

Motion is paused.  You feel the energy generated by your merger rise from the base of your spine, snaking up your body until it reaches  the crown center of your head,  to then spiral back down to the soles of your feet.  Heated from the inside out, you and your Beloved merge again.  Motion intensifies.  Breath, yours and your Beloved’s, becoming ONE. Energy building and circulating up and down your spines.  Building in intensity until ecstasy is released throughout your entire body again and again and again.

Then rest comes.  Both feeling Full… of Spirit. You rest. Meditation is needed. Peace is experienced.  Internal calmness returns you both to your natural state of being – Oneness.

This is prayer.  Talking to the Divine source within.

This is meditation. Listening to the Divine source within as you are guided from one sensation to the next.

This is healing.  Ceremony conducted between you and your beloved. Your sacred ritual to expel that which is no longer needed within, to pull in the energy of love thus submerging  yourself within the presence of God’s Light.

This is sex. And you awake feeling light and full of rigor. You are inspired to create.  Inspired to share. Inspired even to engage in the mundane for now the mundane becomes play.  For what you do brings you laughter and joy.  Because you have now entered a state of fullness. For you have opened to the Spirit of Divine Light within you and now radiate joy in all you do as you realize that God is ever present within you.

This is sex as prayer.

Come and explore how this can become reality for you.

Sex as Prayer: Exploration of the Healing Power of Sexual Energy

Empowerment Workshop Series

facilitated by Licensed Psychotherapist, Ayana Burnett, LCSW-C

Location: Havre de Grace, MD

COMING 2015!

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