I-Play Sessions

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Ladies! I AM sending out a Call for ALL GODDESSES to GATHER! And YES, YOU ARE INDEED A GODDESS!

Ready to tap into your power as a WOMAN? Ready to get inspired and nourish yourself to a breathtaking body & life?

As natural givers, we women often wear down our Spiritual Light tending to the needs of everyone else first. We become frazzled women running around doing for our loved ones and/or the job and end up disconnected from the one person so admired by others – Our Self!

Well, now we have a place to come and retreat. Prioritize your welling being by joining the I -Goddess Collective at our I-Play Session. Awaken you empowered goddess mindest!

I-Play is a re-occurring sacred gathering for you and your fellow dispirited sisters. Hosted by myself, Ms. Ayana, I will model, guide and encourage you to allow the Goddess in You to Come Out and Play!

Ready to punch fear in the face? Ready to use meditation and transformative exercises to recharge your soul, re-ignite your passion and awaken your Inner Goddess?

At the end of I-Play session you will possess an amazing intrinsic Feminine Power. The GODDESS within you will thank you.

Registration is required as space is limited. RSVP HERE!