I-Goddess Series













Sexy is an Attitude and She wears it well!  She declares her arrival with her presence! No words are needed. She be I, Goddess!

She carries the energy of ecstasy wherever she goes.  She is sex personified.  Master of the Sacred Bedroom, her pleasure is guaranteed because she commands it.  With each movement of her Beloved’s body, she flows as a subtle force that controls the rise and fall of the orgasmic fire building between them.  As the fire re-ignites, starting at the base of her spine, it rises up her back burning away memories of painful sex, sex that left her unfulfilled and empty on the inside.  Rising now up the back of her skull, the fire burns away memory of even the best sexual moments for she has never known sex as good as this.  This time, she is confident.  She loves and enjoys her naked form just as she is. And her sexual skills are mind-blowing to not only her partner, but to herself as well.  She is in the best shape of her life as she has indeed awakened her inner Goddess! Thus she proclaims her power to the world as she declares again – I, Goddess!  I, Goddess is YOU!

Cultivate a unique and personalized sensual signature system that enables you to unleash your inner Sensual Goddess as you command your desired level of pleasure within and beyond the sacred chambers of your mystical Yoni.

Join the I-Goddess Women’s Collective and allow Ms. Ayana, the Modern Day Renaissance Goddess herself, to support you reawaken your Inner Goddess! Choose a program that fits your desires and budget!

  • Want to fully awaken and allow your inner Goddess to Shine again, then the Full Length 10 Months Sex as Prayer Program is ideal. Check out details about Sex As Prayer here.  Group and individual customized programs available.
  •  Want support and the comfort of knowing that you are not alone in your struggles, then join with other sisters and feel the vibe of the Women’s Sacred Healing Support Circle. Call, email or fill out the online Patient Referral Form for details.