Children & Families

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” – Whitney Houston, The Greatest Love of All

In these times, it is often necessary to seek outside assistance to unlock the tools needed to help our most treasured gift, our children. I am honored to offer such support to our Beloved children as well as their families through individual and family sessions.  Psychotherapy session, bodywork sessions or a combination are available to assist in discovering ways not only to restore holistic balance and well-being to our children’s lives, but to provide approaches which enable the family to sustain balance in the days to come.  As your child’s needs are as unique as they are, I invite you to collaborate with me to create a customized wellness package to suit your blessed one’s needs.  Read more on the Premium Packages pages.  Then please read more about my unique approach to healing on the Holistic Psychotherapy and The Light of Reiki pages.