What is Holistic Psychotherapy

sacred heart

Holistic psychotherapy is behavioral health counseling which addresses the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

Ayana Burnett, LCSW-C looks at wellness from the viewpoint of the individual as being spirit having a hue-man experience. Therefore, if dis-ease or imbalance is present, then investigation not only of biological, mental or emotional symptoms is warranted but also the examination of one’s Spiritual well-being.

In this respect, Eastern philosophies of health and restoration of optimal functioning are integrated into treatment by exploring the status of the human magnetic field.

Another identifying feature of Ms. Ayana’s work is that it is Spirit-Led. Based in the premise that there is One Universal Intelligence that knows All and connects All, the Divine Intelligence within each client’s unique body is consulted to guide the client’s healing process. In her approach, clinical theories are used as tools to further assist our staff in devising treatment interventions, but the primary Source for cultivating the healing relationship with each client is Divine Spirit itself.

Consequentially, her clinical approach is uniquely crafted to the needs of each individual, as one size will not fit all. Rather, a plethora of interventions are explored from clinical theory to energetic medicine to naturopathic medicine to homeopathic remedies; for we believe that to treat the whole person, several modalities may be needed. In the end, each person is honored as their own healer for we uphold that the Divine intelligence within each knows exactly what that body needs to heal.

Ms. Ayana simply makes it her business to honor the Divinity within each of her clients by listening to their intrinsic Divine direction.