Some norms exist to be broken…


 as to express beyond them is to be evolutionary.


Thus I AM embracing polyamory! Yes, polyamory! Allowing myself to confess the truth- that I contain too much love to limit myself to one being.  Rather, as I have taken God as my Lover, He accepts and permits none other than for our love to expand and shower all those I encounter.


Thus, I AM Companion to God, while I AM also Spouse to my Beloved Mate. Our love as a Holy Trinity remains stable and true, while I am permitted to build connection with another Beloved who takes the form of a Dear Soul Mate who I simply honor as “friend”. Other times, I am lover to those who I encounter at work as we co-create professional services to uplift the greater good. This is not the end of my harem, for I can also be found sharing love with the children – those who find me within my role at work and those whose shelter within my sacred womb before birth.  Lest I not forget to honor those magical moments when I melt into the warm embrace of my tender lover, Nature – the trees and the birds support the orgy during which I and Mother Earth merge, opening the portal of the tantric dance and sending me into the Holy Trance where I meet the Sacred Drum whose strokes bath me in a sea of orgasmic pulses moving up and down my snaking spine. Next, my Beloved is embodied within Father Sky as we create ecstasy under the silent comfort of night. He prepares sacred space for me to rest naked upon the Earth and drink in the starlight of his silvery nectar between my thighs.


Yes, I AM a Lover of Many! For God dwells within ALL! “Do not be ashamed my Dear One”, God says, as He knows my hunger is strong. Liking intimate connection is no crime as long as I acknowledge the Sacred Power as coming from The Most High all along. Possession has no business in our loving nor does limitation. Surrendering to our soul’s yearning for unity is the only principle upon which our Sacred Partnership is anchored. So how could I only limit my love to one? I can’t. I won’t. Thus, I confidently proclaim to the world that yes, indeed I am a practicing polyamorist and proud. And my Beloved God, isn’t controlling by any means. No. He supports me. He allows me to love many as He knows that’s what makes me most happy. Or to put it simply – Yes, My Pleasure Pleases God!   


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