Parent Reunification Services

Through the process of Parent Reunification, we work together to shorten your misery and get you the heck out of Hell using the shortest route possible. 

It will require you to do some of the hardest work yet. It will require your patience, your ugly raw truth and stretching beyond your own point of view.

However, the method I have developed over the years has yielded results which individuals once believed impossible. 

My approach is not for the faint of heart. If you are simply wanting things to remain as they are…if you don’t want things to truly improve…if you simply want to continue to fix your relationship with the other party and your child your way…then my method is not for you. 

With a reputation for working “magic”, the region has come to expect amazing outcomes when Ms. Ayana supports parents in creating new structures for their family post-separation and divorce.

Parent Reunification is a full investment – financially, emotionally, and it will require your time and willingness to feel discomfort.

Yet, it requires all these things with a solid purpose of moving you beyond your current hell to create a new normal that can work for you and your family during these challenging times.

You are in quite capable hands when you choose Harford County’s Best, Ms. Ayana, as your Parent Reunification Facilitator. Ready for change? Let’s talk about it. Email us, or call the office today, 410-942-1235.

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Who is Parent Reunification for?

Parents and Caregivers who are:

  • Having problems co-parenting
  • Have difficulty communicating with the parent, yet both love their child(ren) very much
  • Tired of the conflict & truly desire to learn new ways to work together…for the sake of their children
  • Open and ready to receive new understandings of their past
  • Ready to create better days ahead for all parties
  • Ready to invest time in the process of self-development
  • Financially ready to invest in getting expert help
  • Willing to give 3-6 months to support their child participating in virtual sessions
  • Willing to be patient by staying engaged in the process until its completion (there are no shortcuts for sorting through the #$%! to cultivate manure and prepare a garden for the new harvest)
Not ready to invest, I got you! 
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No one, of whom I know, says “I want to divorce my spouse when I grow up.” Yet, how many of us grow up and find that is our reality.

No one, of whom I know, says “I want to go to court for a custody battle over my child when I grow up.” Yet again how many of us become adults who live this reality.

As children, we are so optimistic that we don’t concern ourselves with the twists and turns inherent in adult life. Yet there ultimately comes a time when life hands us just that.

Regardless of the nature of the undesirable circumstance, we played an influential role in its creation. Whether we saw it or not is no longer in question. In some cases, we are taken along because we agreed to ride and therefore, impacted by the choices of the other. Yet again, whether we knew better or not, no longer matters. We are in the car and arrived in hell…

Excerpt from Ms. Ayana’s Book, Sweet Talking Your Ex: Effective Communication for Partners in Conflict:

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