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Total Initial Investment: $3000 (15 Personalized Virtual Sessions)

What is Parent Reunification?

 Through the process of Parent Reunification, you work with me, Ms. Ayana, to shorten your misery and get you the heck out of Hell using the shortest route possible. 

While separation from a former partner is hard enough, it sucks that you are searching for a Parent Reunification Counselor because it means that your family has been torn apart.    Either you are estranged from your child for reasons that you can’t fully understand, or you are caught in the middle of what feels to be an impossible situation.  

Regardless, you never asked to be here. I get it.   

But there is good news. 

With a reputation for working “magic”, the region has come to expect amazing outcomes when I, Ms. Ayana, support parents in creating new structures for their family post-separation and divorce.  

The method I have developed over the years has yielded results that individuals once believed impossible.   All therapeutic intervention is customized to address the unique dynamics of each family. 

Who is it for?

Parents and Caregivers who are: 

  • Having problems co-parenting 
  • Have difficulty communicating with the parent, yet both love their child(ren) very much 
  • Tired of the conflict & truly desire to learn new ways to work together…for the sake of their children 
How it works...Phase One

Parent Reunification is a process conducted over 15 virtual sessions. More may be needed depending on the number of children participating and the circumstances around the estrangement. 

It has 4+ distinct phases that are structure to gather information, observe patterns of behavior and provide space for positive change.  

 The first phase is Orientation with both parents.  Separately, each parent is invited to discuss their concerns.  

Phase 2, 3, and 4...

The second phase focuses on building rapport with the minor(s) and beginning to explore their primary concerns about reconnecting with the estranged parent.   

The third phase focuses on clarifying the minor(s) concerns and discussing these openly with the estranged parent, thereby establishing the foundation for phase four, where communication and direct contact (if appropriate) is facilitated between the child(ren) and parent. 


The objective of the Parent Reunification process is to provide your family with short-term therapeutic intervention to address the obstacles that impede your child from having an open and positive relationship with both parents.  

Clinical expertise is used to assess the minor(s)’ readiness to have face to face contact with the estranged parent and therapeutic intervention is used to insure the minor(s)’ emotional, mental and psychological preparation for any and all face-to-face meetings.  

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