Message in a Rainbow…part 2

f_dc_obama_rainbow_150630.nbcnews-fp-360-200When one goes before the Judge in a Court of Law, there is a process.  One is summoned. One then appoints specific people to prepare a case. These individuals are all acknowledged publicly by the Court.  A case is then created to tell their story and after the Judge hears all versions of the story, a verdict is declared.  When do you see outsiders being invited to speak on the Judge’s behalf?  Where is it stated that the Judge asks for others to share or anticipate their interpretation before the hearing or trial has begun?  Yet, this is what many of us do when we want to tell another about what is written in the Holy Book.  Why not instead use good communication skills and own that we are sharing is our interpretation of what is written, our opinion, our understanding and essentially our perspective.  Such behavior, such a choice leaves room for different points of view and creates room for others to choose their own views.obama-running-with-colorful-rainbow-flag


You know your own opinion right?  Then why not take a different approach when engaging with other who share an “opposing” opinion, view or choice?  Why not get curious instead of debating?  You are already an expert on you, your beliefs and your values.  Therefore, you don’t need another to validate nor agree with the systems by which you root the choices of your life.  No need to recruit others to live the way you do nor think the way you do nor love the way you do.  These are individually your own.  Given these realities, then we have opportunity to choose curiosity.  Instead of displaying defensiveness towards another’s different p.o.v., why not ask questions.  Get present with the other.  Play detective and give ourselves the challenge of seeing if we can fully wrap our mind around their perspective.  This is a true stance of nonjudgement. Nonjudgement towards the other, but more importantly nonjudgement of one’s self.  For by seeking understanding, you stand in your own views while holding space for other person, for the other perspective to do the same.  No debate.  No one is forced to take sides. But rather all perspectives are held and honored simultaneously.


Imagine how you might feel should someone gift this space to you?  Non-reaction is powerful.  It super cedes duality.  It super cedes control.  In this space of neutrality, we can offer the highest regard for ourselves and others.  This to me is a true display of not only acceptance but of ONENESS.  And this is why I like rainbows in the sky as well as in other places, including my FB page.  ONENESS.  How do will you express it?open creativity

 Be Light,

“I AM” Ms. Ayana


Endnote: The views in this musing may indeed offend others.  Please know the intent is merely to share of my perspective. Thus agreement is not necessary.  As the wise oracle says in the Matrix, “I don’t expect you to believe me. But I do expect you to make up your own mind.”



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