Message in a Rainbow…part 1


During this Independence Day Season, I find myself reflecting about my own ally experience. With the legalization of gay marriage, many people on Facebook, myself included, have dressed up their profile picture with the rainbow. Likewise, many people have also posted comments ridiculing the trend or negating the importance of making the choice to visibly express support.  I recall reading a Facebook post of a legendary gospel singer, a minister, were he stated that God would not approve of the ruling yet he was also very adamant that he was not being judgmental about the topic. Really?  Sometimes I think we have forgotten about what the definition of judgement is. Thus I looked it up.  I found just what I thought I would find: defines judgmental as 1. Of, relating, or dependent on judgement  2. Inclined to make judgments, especially moral or personal ones defines judgement as 2. The ability to judge, to make a decision or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion.

I interpret such to mean that passing judgement is indeed the action of stating one’s opinion.  By definition then, most individuals who say they aren’t passing judgement are.  If we are truly living by love, supporting the free will of others and honoring the rights of others to make the best choices that lead to their happiness,  and find that we do not agree with their chosen path, is it truly necessary to share our opinion?  Or even if we do, why do we feel we don’t need to own the truth that we are judging?When we state things such as God will not approve or etc, then we stop using “I” statements.  We in fact on speaking on God’s behalf.  Even the psychic or prophet or medium’s delivery of the Divine message is still subject to their interpretation and their human delivery of the message. So what makes us different?


Many may or may not know, but I declared my ally status in Undergrad and boy was I an anomaly. I always has people asking was I in the closet and I’m sure there are many to this day who still question my sexual preference.  Yet, why is this? Why do we not realize that one can stand in solidarity with “difference” and not be “of it”?  To be for it, not against it, yet not of it.  Or why does that matter?  Is the choice to actively support another person’s right to “equal” treatment not enough to speak for itself?  I believe such an action speaks of Oneness which is more expansive than needing to take a stand for one group in order to be seen as belonging or not belonging.


The rainbow to me is about so much more than solely supporting sexual minorities.  It is a visible display of supporting Unity.  Regardless of what is written in the Holy Books or how one interprets it, at the end of the day, it does state that judgement is to be left to a Greater Power. So if one is going around stating what God will think, isn’t that interference?

To be continued……

 Be Light,

“I AM” Ms. Ayana

Endnote: The views in this musing may indeed offend others.  Please know the intent is merely to share of my perspective. Thus agreement is not necessary.  As the wise oracle says in the Matrix, “I don’t expect you to believe me. But I do expect you to make up your own mind.”

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