Individual Therapeutic Coaching

Its draining isn’t it? I know! To address the day to day while carrying internal scars. You are so tired and just want the slightest sign of relief. Be it for you or your loved one, you are seeking more peace.

You walk through the day to day. Get tasks done and move through mundane daily routine. Yet, there is something invisible inside of you calling for more. More fun. More ease. More peace and More joy. These things are too invisible, yet you know them when you FEEL them. Often, you feel heavy or bad or sad… Dissatisfaction shows up way too often…in several areas of your life…yet, what do you now? You have been taught so many things throughout your life journey, yet you weren’t taught the essentials of how to understand our inner world yet alone how to navigate through its twists and turns. 

One the outside, you appear fine, yet you are crying or screaming on the inside. This is where I meet people…in the middle of their deepest emotional pain. Don’t ask me why, yet it is one of the places I am most comfortable. It’s raw. It’s dark and can be quite heavy. Yet it also it is the place of rebirth. The place of possibility and the seat of transformation.  

Together, you and I will join and travel the terrain of your inner world together. Let’s turn your mind and heart inside out. I provide you the safe space you are craving. Let’s finally dump all the inner garbage you have gather through the disappointments and frustrations of life. Let’s declutter your heart and open space for a new beginning where you now walk the path of living light!

Therapeutic Coaching Services are available for:

  • Professional Mothers seeking MORE satisfaction in their lives! (You got everyone else straight, now it’s your turn.)
  • Individuals and children who need a respite from living, because they are experiencing emotional pain & maybe even trauma

Ready to have an expanded transformational journey towards better days? Ready to heal your heart? I promise there is beauty on the other side.

Provide us with some basic information and we will start figuring out how to best get you to your goal! Once complete, one of our Amazing Team Members will reach back to schedule a time to talk! Easy!