Illumination Session

This 30-minute session – you can call it ‘Meet and Greet’ or view it as a ‘Drop In’ – is PERFECT for new clients who want to get started quickly, learn what all I have to offer and determine if I am a good fit. It can also be useful to past clients who don’t want to fully engage in treatment yet want to check in or reconnect just briefly.

Each session is as UNIQUE as our individual circumstances. Each unfolds precisely as it should. Typically we start with a brief discuss about what you might want to change in your life. We then work towards identifying the next steps needed to get your soul back on course towards living the bliss you are divinely designed to experience.

The Illumination is the most basic session I provide, being recommended to those who want to discover more about ‘the sacred self’ and for those who want to restore clear focus and purpose.

Scheduling your session is easy.  Simply call, email or fill out the Patient Referral Form Online!