Empowering All to Heal Thy Sacred Self Whole

In these modern times, we can quickly find ourselves fully consumed within the hustle and bustle of daily life. Rapidly advancing technology provides us with almost immediate access to most things, thereby making down time a precious and hard to come by commodity. Living within this fast paced rhythm, it becomes a challenge to remain in touch with our uniqueness, with our passion and ultimately with our individual sense of purpose.

Stuck in the mode of “doing”, we may not even realize the significance of no longer making space to enjoy “being” and thus relishing the simple pleasures of daily life. Consequentially, we can experience dissatisfaction with the quality of our lives, relationships, physical health and even our emotional well-being. This includes not only adults, but also our youth. For the stresses of our fast paced culture are felt by children, adults and elders alike.

Wholeheartedly, Ms. Ayana is committed to assisting you and your loved ones heal not solely the problem, but ultimately to Heal Thy Sacred Self Whole.

Ms. Ayana Burnett, LCSW-C is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner who is passionately dedicated to providing a safe haven where individuals, couples and/or families can retreat to reconnect with the Divine wisdom that exists within themselves.

She gracefully creates and maintains sacred space for others while simultaneously serving as their mirror, reflecting back the brilliance of their intrinsic strength. She upholds that one’s inner strength is the critical key through which the power needed to Heal Thy Sacred Self Well is accessible.

Given that problems and “dis-eases” of the mind and body rarely have one source, she prides herself in utilizing a holistic approach which implements and teaches natural, non-invasive ways of identifying, healing and maintaining wellness on ALL levels. Together, Ms. Ayana journeys with each individual, as new ways of being and believing are explored to restore harmony within the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit.

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